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Many women are unaffected by the experience of breast cancer in the freedom of choice they continue to enjoy with clothes shopping. However, for some, there are significant or sometimes just subtle physical changes that are negotiated when making decisions about what clothes to wear, depending on her surgery type and treatment. 

Lumpectomy surgery combined with radiotherapy and targeted medications is the more common way that breast cancer is dealt with across the world today. However, a considerable number of women still require mastectomy surgery for various reasons - and there are many thousands of women alive who had their condition treated this way prior to the year 2000 when mastectomy surgery was considered the 'gold standard' approach. 

Depending on her surgery, a woman’s appearance may alter in ways that lead her to look for certain disguising features in clothing when she is shopping. Some will look for patterned or dark coloured fabrics. Or prefer a cut that falls loosely across the body, or differently, that is more structured but less form fitting to suit a slightly uneven appearance. Many will seek to buy higher necklines to dress confidently around changes to the cleavage region, or shop for confusing patterns and design features to dress around an uneven nipple appearance or an uneven fold of breast tissue at the armpit. Women with lymphoedema from a build up of fluid in the arm after lymph node surgery are particular about loose sleeving -  and may like to wear long sleeved garments even in the heat of summer. Additionally, some women are sensitive to synthetic fabrics and textures after radiotherapy or prefer natural fibres that provide comfort from the hormonal changes she confronts from treatment. 

Breast cancer can occur at any age and challenge a woman to redefine her personal fashion style. Would you like to market to this vast global market at Pink Collective Styling? And showcase to her a seasonal selection from your range that reflects your unique brand of styling inspiration? Women who are young want to dress young. And women who are older just keep pushing the boundaries beautifully. Fifty is the new forty, they say (or was that about being sixty)! 

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