October 2018


Here we are, ready for Pink October 2018! And we are incredibly proud to see Pink Collective Styling growing in fantastic and useful ways to the breast cancer community.

We put a call out this year to some hugely iconic retailers and as a result had a resounding YES! from Bloomingdales and Macy’s in the USA and Marks & Spencer in the UK. The hugely popular online retailers MatchesFashion (UK) and StyleBop (Europe) have also come on board as has the flourishing retailer Birdsnest, nestled away in countryside Australia with a booming reach into international markets. We consider ourselves absolutely spoilt and just delight in picking our way through the latest fashion that all these sites offer to bring you a fantastic mix of clothing options.

There are now hundreds of brands for you to browse! And all you have to do is grab your coffee or put the kids to bed and type your favourite label into the SEARCH Bar to enjoy some great shopping pleasure! We now have a fantastic range of swimwear for you to choose from and don’t forget that at Pink Collective Styling you can filter specifically for the design features you need in clothes – such as neckline height, sleeve cut, type of fit. Even search for summer or winter options – depending on the season in your hemisphere of the world, or where you might be heading on some fantastic trip abroad.  We aim to make clothes shopping easier! So please tell us if there is more we can do to make this happen for you!

When we surveyed just over 400 Australian women who had been affected by breast cancer, many expressed a high degree of difficulty finding clothes they liked and that “worked” for them. Sadly, the vast majority (87%) who responded to this research, reported finding it harder to buy clothes since their surgery with many expressing feelings of annoyance and frustration towards the limitations they experienced (46%). To us this finding largely reflects a clear supply and demand problem in the marketplace and one that Pink Collective Styling is committed to overcome!  It also reflects a difficulty that is perceived predominantly as a practical constraint than one that is internalised into negative feelings of self-worth as a woman.

However, there were still a significant number of women for whom the experience of clothes shopping left them feeling down, sad or blue (38%). Some reflecting that they no longer felt they belonged as a woman in clothes shops (38%) with these findings highlighting the pivotal role that the fashion and lingerie industries have to play in the emotional and psychological support of the woman with breast cancer.

As a nurse, and as a woman who has lived many years with an altered body from breast cancer, I appreciate that ‘getting on with life’ after an episode of breast cancer is greatly influenced by the meaning women place on the adjustments forced upon them and on the inner personal transition that often accompanies a serious challenge to health. Being able to stay connected to everyday, habitual, female pastimes, like the love of clothes shopping, maintains a familiar space for women after breast cancer. Shopping comfortably with friends and daughters, browsing and impulse buying – particularly in her favourite stores, are all part of being female and feeling reconnected to the life that existed before diagnosis. Pink Collective Styling knows this and is committed to bringing women the greatest choice possible in today’s fashion – and we have found so much choice out there to bring you! 

Every woman likes to feel confident in their personal presentation and will at times look to clothing to express mood or personality or assert a particular role within the workplace. It’s no different after breast cancer – and Pink Collective Styling aims to support women in their self-expression and choice of style, particularly if their surgery forces this to be redefined.  

In today’s world on-line shopping is an established industry that is well supported with regulations and policies. Some women have tried it and others not. It might depend on whether you like to touch and see something first, and whether you like trying things on in a shop change-room or the privacy of your home. But the on-line retailing world is geared to assist you in your choices and acknowledges that returns are just part of that process. So, if you haven’t tried it before we encourage you to give it a go.

If something from an international retailer takes your fancy, our advice is simple – if you love it, just buy it!

And enjoy a parcel being sent to you in the post!

- Julie