October 2019


2019 has been another fabulous year for Pink Collective Styling as we surge towards 50 retailers joining our collective across Australia, the UK, USA, New Zealand and Europe! We are incredibly grateful as this support translates into 2,000 items that we now showcase – all with great design features likely to suit the styling needs of the woman affected by breast cancer.

I’m often asked how I select what we market to you on Pink Collective Styling and the answer to that is from my personal experience with breast cancer and being mindful of the fashion needs of others who are affected differently to my own experience. Having lived as a young woman with a mastectomy, then for some years with a reconstruction (that I was not happy with), to now using a replacement prosthesis in my mid-years, I have some idea of the practical and emotional difficulties faced  by similarly affected women when clothes shopping.

As a nurse I have met many women who have experienced breast cancer and been privy to hearing many stories and shown many wounds – some fresh, some decades old. In absorbing all this, my interest has always been in helping women flourish and get on with life after a diagnosis of breast cancer. ‘Why is it so hard to find clothing!’ I kept complaining to myself – for decades! Then, after spending months looking for an outfit to wear to my daughter’s wedding and feeling quite down about how difficult this task was, I began to imagine a website that did all that frustrating work for me.  In 2017 I found a creative web development team at The Bridge Digital in Sydney and Pink Collective Styling began to take shape! We are the first fashion website of its kind anywhere in the world specifically designed for women with breast cancer.

Not only can you immerse yourself here in a site filled with clothes you are more likely to be able to wear (than not!), we have a fabulous filtering tool that allows you to select for the design features most important to your styling needs. While it is relatively easy to understand that a woman may be self-conscious about the loss of a breast and have this aspect dominate her dressing style, another may feel just as affected by a nipple that doesn’t sit in a balanced way anymore after a lumpectomy, or by an armpit crease that doesn’t fold the same as the other side after a reconstruction. Some may have lost their cleavage on one side, or had both breasts removed. Others may live with a difference in shape from a sizeable lumpectomy or from a reconstruction that hasn’t provided the desired result. For some, the main consideration is covering over scars. For others, it is dressing around arm swelling caused by lymphoedema, which is a real challenge in the heat of summer. If this is a consideration for you, just filter for ‘summer’ and ‘loose sleeve’ – and everything we have will be there for your browsing pleasure!

What we don’t filter our offerings for though is the price! Mainly because it is impractical for us to keep across the promotions and sales amongst so many retailers. So, we have instead adopted a Forest Gump attitude that ‘Life is like a box of chocolates’ - and leave that surprise for you until you click through to the retailer to take a closer look at whatever has caught your eye!

Your shopping experience is important to us, so please let us know if you are not satisfied with the service you receive from any of our participating retailers. While your purchasing relationship with them is external and separate to our site, we want to ensure you are happy with the retailers we promote here and link you to.

Enjoy! And don’t forget to spoil yourself whenever you can!

- Julie