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Pink Collective Styling showcases fabulous fashion from across the world suitable to the woman who has been affected by breast cancer.

Developed by Julie Kesby, the inspiration for the site has come from listening to women from all walks of life and ages, talk about styling constraints after breast cancer surgery.

You will find the site brimming with outfits from the current seasonal range of a multitude of designers and retailers you know and love – all in one space for your shopping pleasure.

We welcome you and ask that you visit us often. Join our membership if you would like us to keep in touch - whether you are part of the breast cancer community or just happen to like Our Style!

Rosemary Paul

Rosemary Paul

Julie Kesby


Julie Kesby

What brought me to creating Pink Collective Styling has been a strong intertwining of my insights as a nurse about personal wellbeing, and the years I have lived with a‘re-sculptured’ body because of breast cancer.

It goes without saying that clothing difficulties are associated with breast cancer surgery for some women. I have certainly experienced my share since undergoing a mastectomy in my thirties, followed by reconstructive surgery, with that being reversed in my forties. The range of choice available to a woman who wants to draw attention away from the breast region may seem very limited in today’s market. Difficulty in finding things to wear brings not only practical frustrations but limits the ways in which  a woman can make a statement about who she is through her styling and clothing choices. These constraints can impact a woman’s sense of flourishing.

Beyond my own personal and nursing experience with breast cancer, I have researched the issues women negotiate with over 400 Australian women. I have spent valuable time over the years coming to understand how the fashion and lingerie industries tick in seeking to find a solution.

As online shopping, social media and the internet wove their way into the fabric of a woman’s everyday life, the way forward opened. I hope you enjoy what is offered here and participate in ways that support us to grow. Whether you are a consumer, a stylist or are tapping into this vast global market as a fashion retailer, I warmly invite you to share this website with anyone who has courageously confronted breast cancer, and join with me in shaping the services of this website into something of real value.


Rosemary Paul 

Julie and I first met in 2007 through the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Sydney who’d linked us together knowing that we both shared an interest in lingerie for women after breast cancer. In 2003 I’d become an ambassador for the NBCF after participating in a fundraising reshoot of the very first Playboy cover in Australia from back in 1979. This had featured me with my two breasts intact that were making me a good living at the time, only by 2003 I had been through breast cancer myself.

Lingerie modelling in Australia and across Europe had been an exciting career for me from 1976 until starting a family in1983. Even then it was difficult to break the ties, making a very successful ad campaign for No Knickers while still breast feeding!

Both my professional work and volunteer work centres around breast cancer and I am conscious of the personal challenges that breast cancer surgery brings to a woman. In 1998 I had a radical mastectomy followed a year later by a reconstruction. Bringing the book Perfect Scars into being in 2012 to support the work of the NBCF has been a rewarding undertaking. The stories of the women who joined me in sharing their personal feelings about their bodies has been both joyous and inspiring.

To be able to blend my love of fashion and lingerie with my love of modelling here at Pink Collective Styling is really quite special for me.


Perfect Scars (The Perfect Scar Group 2012)

Perfect Scars

The Perfect Scar Group 2012
Available for Purchase
(Profits from sale go to the National Breast Cancer Foundation Australia)

Style is Eternal



At Pink Collective Styling our purpose and focus is linking the woman who has had breast cancer to the fashion and styling help she needs.

Through our branding platforms we want to create tangible and identifiable links between retailers, fashion brands, fashion stylists and women who have had breast cancer.  


We seek to achieve this through pursuing our VISION:


Building a ‘go-to’ fashion & styling site that showcases clothing to suit women of all ages affected by breast cancer, anywhere in the world. 

Pink Collective Styling

‘Have three problems - the size of the indentation from the mastectomy, the moving of the prosthesis into this indentation and the lack of fashionable clothes I can wear, that are high enough to cover this. I am only a "young" woman, I don't need mature aged clothes’.

(Clothing Survey Participant)

Providing Styling inspiration for the essential woman within. 

Pink Styling

'I have been forced to adopt a style that is totally different from how I would choose to dress … and I do not like the look but it is all that is available to me with the current breast focused fashions’.

(Clothing Survey Participant)

 Supporting Fashion stores to market light summer camisoles that offer more freedom when shopping.


'Just not able to get a nice "cami" with a high neckline, all seem to have low cut necks. Can’t always wear the same cotton singlets… something with sequins or patterns would be nice’.

(Clothing Survey Participant)