Welcome to Pink Collective Styling


Pink Collective Styling is the world's first fashion hub for women after breast cancer surgery. It is proudly supported by fifty retailers from Australia, New Zealand, Europe, the UK and USA, who open their product range up to enable us to curate and showcase a collection of in-season fashion - each with helpful design features that this woman might seek. 

At Pink Collective Styling we understand that the physical changes that accompany breast cancer can be different for women, depending on the type of surgery and treatment involved. That is why, right here, we offer women the abiltiy to browse our extensive and global range by selecting for the design feature most helpful to their dressing needs. If it is a high neckline you seek to dress confidently around a mastectomy - or perhaps, differently, a striking asymmetrical neckline to flatter your unaffected side, you will find it here using our unique fashion filter built with your styling needs in mind. If lymphoedema is something you are minfdul of in your clothing choices, you can find every item we have sourced for you that is designed with a bell-shaped or loose sleeve - right here at your fingertips! Additionally, we offer a great 'plus size' selection, as well as the ability to browse for clothes with a comfortable loose fit, if that is the style of dressing you are after. No matter where you live in the world we have a retailer who delivers straight to your door - and offer you summer and winter selections year round. Just choose the most important design features that guide your clothing choices and Pink Collective Styling will provide you with a great selection of outfits to browse that are instore or online with our participating retailers NOW! 

To make things even more simple, we offer MY Style as an overarching browsing option, which instantly collates every item we have (from over 3,000 fashion choices) that may assist you to dress beautifully after a mastectomy. Alternatively, the option of HER Style, curates a selection more suitable to the woman whose cleavage has been unaffected by lumpectomy or reconstructive surgery, but who may be challeneged by imperfections in symmetry or shape. Often it just takes the right little cami to transform this range into fabulous options that most women could potentially wear after breast cancer surgery. And yes! You can browse for fabulous base layer and cami items with us too!

When you find items you love, pop them into your StyleBoard while you continue to browse and they'll be there to look at again whenever you want. You can click straight through to the retailer to buy from your StyleBoard page, as well as directly from any item that catches your eye in the fashion pages. It's that easy! 

We appreciate that catering to the different fashion needs within the breast cancer population demands a degree of diversity in our decision making about what we market to women on this site. We are all ages, all body shapes and not all physically affected the same. Our aim is to make shopping easier for any woman who is impacted. And that is why at Pink Collective Styling we strive to be inclusive in the range we showcase - to support as broadly as possible. 

Make Pink Collective Styling your weekly browsing destination! And we'll keep you up to date with the latest fashion on offer from our fabulous supporting retailers across the globe!